Nano Technology Ozone+UV  Air Purifier.

2020 OEM ozone generator portable indoor air purifier.

Simple but effective, elegantly designed to be

an invisible element of your healthy lifestyle.
OEM 2020 Ozone Generator Air Purifier is a disinfectant for your

home and office space, fits nicely with its pretty appearance.
The latest development has been tested and approved by the American space agency NASA and OEM 2020 effectively and safely removes any unpleasant odors, as well as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria harmful to humans, all types of viruses including coronavirus, mold and pollen during spring flowering of trees.

OEM 2020 charges air with decontamination ions.
Widely used in schools, enterprises, hospitals and public institutions.

Then we added bipolar ionization, which releases the balance of both positive and negative ions. The emitted ions pass through the air and very effectively clean the air and surfaces from unwanted contaminants. Mold, viruses and coronaviruses, bacteria, odors, allergens are reduced to trace levels.

This effective solution to the problem prevents mold on the walls of your home.
Although mold is a natural fungus and can lead to problems of vascular pulmonary diseases, we do not partly pay attention to this in our homes or offices. Regardless of whether you struggle with mold on the surface in your bathroom or are dealing with chronic allergies associated with mold, OEM 2020 will kill mold up to 99%, this has been tested in laboratory studies.

Model Number: 2020 OEM
Product Dimensions: 315 x 229 x 280
Weight: 3.86 kg
Ozone yield: less than 0.05 ppm (ppm)
Concentration of positive and negative ions: 20,000,000 / cm³
Electrical Specifications: DC 38V / 3A
Effective at a distance of up to 3000 kv. ft. or 279 sq.m.
Materials: anodized brushed aluminum and polymers.
Country of Origin: Made in China.



Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630


Innovative, Made in America nano ™ Induct demonstrates our advanced AHPCO ™ technology.

This is a whole home air filter without filter, which ensures clean air and surfaces in your home or office.

Innovative and Advanced Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630
Nano Induc cleans the air and surface of your home or office using our innovative product design and patented AHPCO ™ ionization technology. To ensure complete home air purification and surface cleaning, a licensed HVAC specialist will ensure that this filterless product is properly installed for maximum efficiency. Nano ™ Induct has the highest safety rating LSV-APH630 and has been scientifically tested to eliminate unwanted contaminants such as odors, mold, bacteria, all types of viruses and coronaviruses and VOCs.

All home coverage providing clean air and surfaces for your entire home or office with one cleaner.
Installed in your HVAC system in minutes, the Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630 without a filter remains out of sight, producing the results from the graphs.
Ions distributed throughout your HVAC system circulate throughout your home, cleansing air and surfaces from unwanted contaminants.
No filters for replacement or maintenance for one year. After two years of use, the AHPCO ™ cell is easily replaced in minutes.

Fights odors and pollutants.
Say goodbye to unwanted odors and bacteria.
The smells and pollutants that affect many parts of your home are easily eliminated with the nano ™ Induct filter-less.
AHPCO ™ technology is based on a combination of NASA research and our research laboratory. It creates an excess mixture of ions at levels that, although harmless to humans, are effective for the decontamination of unicellular contaminants such as mold, all types of viruses and coronaviruses, bacteria.

The Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630 is thought out to the smallest detail to ensure results.
We respect that any advanced PCO technology requires the best materials and sophisticated design to withstand the constant on / off cycles of the HVAC system.
Parallel competitive testing shows that the Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630 has a significantly lower failure rate due to cyclic on / off. Warranty claims are negligible, and our lamps have passed the test cycle and will last much longer than the warranty period. Perhaps we should thank our all American supply chain partners.
Perhaps more importantly, our proprietary AHCPO ™ nano-catalyst produces many excess ions that last longer and are more effective in decontaminating unwanted contaminants.

Carefully designed, tested and certified, designed to efficiently and safely clean the air of unpleasant odors and bacteria.
Unique design with the following features: automatic shut-off and self-protective ballast for protection in hot attics, doubling of typical UV protection to extend lamp life, its own rotating UV protection shield to protect heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and a long-lasting catalyst coating for balanced ion output with maximum efficiency.
This product is listed on the ETL in accordance with the safety standards of Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630 and meets all regulatory requirements, including for the release of ozone.
Laboratory testing is 99% effective against aero allergens, molds, bacteria, all types of viruses and coronaviruses, smoke and formaldehyde.

Model Number: Nano Induct HVAC LSV-APH630

Dimensions: 163 x 145 x 385mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Electric equipment: 17 V

Lamp life: 9000 hours

Materials: aluminum and polymers

Oldization Quality: 99%

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Country of Origin: Made in USA