Biolamp by peter horvath from hungary designer's own words:

Smog consists of carbon-dioxid (CO2) which comes from cars and factories. Smog principally appears in the center of the cities when there is no wind and the temperature is high.

The object I have designed aimed air cleaning and the production of fuel. This solution is combined with street lamps because there are many of them on the streets. Inside the streetlamp there is a liquid, alga mixed with water, which transforms CO2 to oxigen.

How does the lamp work At the upper part of the lamp (pipe1) a ventilator is sucking the smog inside - which streams into the alga liquid. This liquid is being circulated in a spiral system thanks to a pump,which helps the alga absorbing the CO2 better. In the other pipe (pipe2) this progress stops. If we leave the liquid in a standing position it hands down the oxigen . Thanks to the frequency of the street lamps the air cleaning is more effective.

Extra function The sunlight , CO2 and water transforms the alga into biomass. It is known that fuel can be made out of biomass. After the alga liquid is saturated with carbon-dioxid it needs to be led to tubes, which are under the ground. The tubes lead the biomass to the closest filler station. Here, biofuel is made of that for the environmentally friendly cars. After this the street lamps should be refueled with alga.

Street light of solar and wind energy.


Street lamp ED-50 / 400SW was developed using the technology of transformation of solar and wind energy into electric energy and its subsequent accumulation. The autonomous lamp is equipped with a solar module and a wind generator with a power of 200 and 100 W and a 50 W LED-lamp. The resulting energy charges the battery with a capacity of 200 Ah, which is equipped with a street lamp.
The ED-50 / 400SW flashlight is installed in a place rich in sunlight and is charged from the solar module throughout the daylight hours. With the onset of darkness, the street lamp automatically begins to illuminate the area, due to the energy accumulated during the day.

Solar module
Type Monocrystalline
Power200 W
Wind turbine
TipVertical-axial (4 blades)
Rated power 100 watts (maximum 200 watts)
Wind speed Start at 0, 8 m / s; Emergency shutdown at 15 m / s
Solar wind system
500 W solar module power output
Wind turbine power output1 kW
Battery voltage (DC) 24 V
Functions of MPPT, reverse current blocking, overcharge and overdischarge protection, timers for lighting on-off, error monitoring
Battery packs
Type Lead Acid
Capacity 200 Ah
Voltage 12V
LED lamp
Power50 W
Supporting elements
Steel pole (7, 8 m), bracket, cable, brackets for solar module and lamp, galvanized steel.

Smart Lights


Smart Lights charging from the steps of passersby.

We offer your attention "smart lights", working on alternative energy. New lights will use the energy of the sun and at the same time be charged from the steps of passers-by.

The sidewalks near the lanterns are equipped with special tiles that generate energy from pressing when walking passersby. Each step will give up to 7W of energy that will be stored in the battery of the flashlight.

In addition, the lights will not shine in vain - if nearby motion sensors have not recorded the presence of people, the lights will turn off.

In addition to saving electricity, the lights will be equipped with other useful features - with their help, you can charge your smartphone and get access to the Internet.


Street light of solar and wind energy.