The official distributor and service center of the Canaan Inc. in Armenia.

Pure Nature Corporation CJSC is the official distributor of Canaan Inc. in the CIS countries. Canaan Inc. is the world-leading manufacturer of supercomputing chips and digital block chain computing equipment, based in China.


The company offers maintenance and repair services both for the mining equipment covered by manufacturer warranty, while services for after-warranty equipment are provided at additional charge.


Our cooperation scope includes:

● Selling of crypto mining equipment and installation in the company's specialized mining farm.

● Selling of crypto mining equipment and installation оn the customer's desired location.

● Provision of a cloud mining service in case of which the customer can make an investment in the pool and get monthly stable income.


Design and installation of mining farms. Service, repair and firmware upgrade for mining machines. We also support the following mining equipment models:


AvalonMiner 1047 – 37T

AvalonMiner 1066 – 48T

AvalonMiner 1066 – 50T

AvalonMiner 1146 – 56T

AvalonMiner 1166 – 68T

AvalonMiner 1246 – 90T


By purchasing one or several mining machines from us, you get the opportunity to stably earn crypto currencies on your personal pool monthly.


Our terms of cooperation include warranty of 6 months and service maintenance.

Toddminer C5 ETH Miner 820MH.JPG