Hydrogen for Residential Heating

     The hydrogen generator replaces the supply of natural gas with hydrogen, improves the heating
performance of apartments, houses, industrial facilities. Hydrogen for domestic heating is a home appliance
that uses this heat for hot water and heating. Hydrogen uses a chemical process to heat residential
premises, rather than burning natural gas. This product is a decomposition of water into hydrogen and
oxygen, where hydrogen is burned and oxygen is released in houses, thereby it is useful for apartments and
residential premises. The hydrogen generator is driven and the waste heat is stored in a buffer for heating
and using hot water. This means “all in one”, and there is no longer a need for a hot water cylinder, cold
storage tanks in the attic or any other heating devices, such as boilers, as all this is contained in 1 box.
Hydrogen alone or mixed with natural gas provides exciting possibilities. An innovation aimed at reducing
the cost of hydrogen will make commercial sense as a network fuel to supplement or replace natural gas in
the coming decades.

Basic information
Using: water
purpose: Hydrogen Gas Production
Areas of use: New Energy
Noise level: Low
Machine size: Medium, Big
condition: new
Certification: ISO CE

Features and Benefits:
1. No longer need to use natural gas or propane gas.
2. High degree of hydrogen purity (99.999% ~ 99.9999%), stable output flow, convenient and safe for various devices.
3. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, hydrogen production through electrolyzing clean water, power switching for hydrogen gas production.
4. High reliability and ease of maintenance.
5. The absence of corrosion and environmental pollution.