You can purchase new AvalonMining machines from us with warranty and

after-sales service. And install them on our farm on favorable terms.




Our corporation offers the following services for you:


Placing your mining machine in our crypto farm


Service and control 24/7


Setting up equipment for annual maximum profitability


Online income monitoring through a personal account on our website

Mining on our farm or mining at home, the pros and cons.

Of course, you can place the mining machine in your home or garage, while making appropriate wiring and soundproofing, but you are not immune from power surges, temperature extremes and the formation of condensation, unpleasant noise in your room.
Agree, it will be a shame if you invested about $ 10,000 in your equipment, but it suddenly broke or does not work for reasons unknown to you.

That is why we created a mining farm.
This is the perfect solution for your earnings, in which you do not waste your personal time.

The difficulties of mining at home


  • The cost of electricity is minus 30% of your income.

  • Equipment maintenance skills are required.

  • Unstable operation of electricity and the Internet.

  • Risk of fire wiring.

  • Short equipment life due to insufficient ventilation and overheating.

  • The increased noise in the apartment and the complaints of the neighbors.

Benefits of mining at a farm

  • The cost of electricity is already included in the tariff.

  • Qualified technical support.

  • Uninterrupted internet and electricity.

  • Strict observance of all operating standards.

  • The presence of industrial ventilation.

  • 24 hour security and video surveillance.

  • Your privacy and good sleep.

The advantages of our mining farm:

  • The farm building meets high-quality and strict industrial safety standards; your equipment is in safe hands.

  • The uninterrupted operation of the farm is ensured by redundant Internet lines and stable electricity.

  • We provide flexible conditions for placing equipment in the farm: you can bring your equipment or buy from us with a guarantee brand new with placement on our farm on favorable terms.

  • Pure Nature Corporation has an extensive infrastructure, office, service center, mining farm, which indicates the responsible attitude of our corporation to its customers. Therefore, using the services of our mining farm, you will always be sure of a careful attitude to your equipment and a stable income.


Benefit for rent farm

Monthly plan for 1 year


Buying mining crypto machines from us and renting mining crypto farms with after-sales services.
Minimum deposit of $ 5,000

Monthly plan for 1 year


Buying mining crypto machines from us and renting mining crypto farms with after-sales services.
Minimum deposit of
$ 50,000

Monthly plan for 1 year


How to start working with us?

1. Leave a request on our website
2. Our specialists will contact you to agree on a tariff plan and sign a contract.
3. You make payment, depending on the tariff plan you have selected, according to the receipt issued to you to the bank account in our corporation.
4. We conclude and sign an agreement on the basis of your tariff plan.
5. We connect and configure the equipment for you within 3 business days from the date you deliver your equipment or you purchase our new equipment.
6. You get access to your personal account on our website for online monitoring of your income.