Product Type: Ozone Washing System

Product Model: KH-W502
KH-W502 is a perfect appliance designed for washing any type of clothes and bedding in household and industrial washing machines of any type. Water from the tap first passes through KH-W502 and with this equipment, the water charged with positive ions becomes soapy, then the demineralized water will be mixed with ozone before the washing process is activated. Recycled water will effectively kill bacteria on your clothes or bedding without the use of detergent or detergent.
Strength of washing with ozone:
1 . Sterilization and disinfection;
2 ․ Deep cleaning of any types of stains on materials;
3 ․ Fabric softening;
4 . Energy saving and environmental protection;
five . KH-W502 is simple and easy to use.
KH-W502 will start working automatically and turn off when the washing machine completes.

Electrical characteristics: alternating current 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz,
Result: DC 12V / 3A
Ozone: 2.5 mg / L
Concentration: water pressure
Minimum 40 ps (psi)
Maximum 75 psi (psi)
Use - only cold water.