Plasma Welding Machine.

The Plasma welding machine is an electric arc generator of low-temperature plasma (plasma torch), obtained by heating the vapors of the working fluid to the ionization temperature. Structurally, the complex is made in the form of two separate devices - a power supply and control unit BPU-220/8 and a plasma generator. Plasma welding machine, can be for you an indispensable and convenient assistant in everyday life, construction, repair, art, and in many other areas of your activity.

Plasma Welding Machine multifunctional portable plasma complex.
The multipurpose portable plasma complex is intended for heat treatment of

non-combustible materials:

cutting iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
welding structural, alloyed, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
soldering with soft and hard solders with low and high melting points;
welding-brazing of products from non-ferrous metals;
melting a small amount of metal in crucibles;
surface heat treatment;
auxiliary processing in the foundry;
processing of refractory materials of organic and inorganic origin (quartz glass, basalt, quartz, granite, marble, concrete, asbestos cement and other materials);
bluing up small parts;
powder spraying;
thermal oxidation;
shrink processing;
manufacturing and processing of glass products;
obtaining chemical compounds;
fiberglass cutting;
removal of oxides from the surface of metals;
cleaning the surface of heat-resistant products and holes in them from organic and other contaminants;
cleaning the surface and pinholes in platinum spinners from organic contamination;
flashing of concrete to reduce hygroscopicity;
in jewelry.
With a slight fire in the work area, the complex can be used for instant fire extinguishing in the quenched arc mode.

Weight: 0.7 kg
Equipment dimensions: (VhDhSh) - 60x190x190 mm
Operating voltage supplied to the device - 130-200 V
The total time of continuous work is 25 minutes.
Distilled water is used as a cutting fluid, welding solution is used as a welding fluid, and a solution of ethyl alcohol in distilled water is used
The volume of working liquid used in a torch - 80 ml
Temperature of a torch in 2 mm from a cutoff of a nozzle,
maximum - 6000 С
Used intermittent burner operation
Maximum metal thickness for work - 8 mm
Maximum cutting width of sheet steel - 1-1.5 mm