In our times, ever-growing tariffs and the changing climate of a zero-energy home are becoming the gold standard for green building. If you produce all the necessary energy and water in your home, you do not depend on external suppliers.

Based in Armenia and California, "Pure Nature Corporation" sells affordable homes that independently generate energy and water for their maintenance all year round. Home sales of such houses will begin this year, we can offer a whole line of practical and energy-efficient buildings. It is called "SMART HOME". The design of houses can be made in any style.

Known for its innovative solutions for the production of eco-friendly and resistant to hurricanes and 10 ball wintering shake houses, "Pure Nature Corporation" will not deviate from the canons of appearance. Externally, from the usual house "SMART HOME" is distinguished only by the presence of a biton platform on which this house stands, and it serves as the basis of security for the house. The rest of the products "Pure Nature Corporation" has everything that is inherent in a classic house: an extension with a garage, wooden siding and a small front yard.

Interior and exterior decoration and interior "SMART HOME" designers will make your choice. "SMART HOME" can be either one-story or two-story. Its area varies from 50 to 500 square meters. The client chooses the plan “SMART HOME” at its discretion, taking into account the correct engineering calculations.
"SMART HOME" in it, everything works on the latest ideas, since the house is completely independent of the external connections of the electric power and water. Thanks to the latest developments of thermal insulation of walls and placement of windows of the room remain cool in the summer heat and warm in winter.
Also, "SMART HOME" is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, smoke detectors, video surveillance cameras online, the kitchen is equipped with an induction hob or induction hob, imagine the following situation. When you are ready to cook, you turn on your electric cooker and pour water into the pan. At this time, your restless child rushes into the kitchen and inadvertently grabs his hands on the cooking surface. In the case of a conventional electric stove, the case will end in a burn, but if you have an induction stove, the baby will not feel even pleasant heat.


Sandwich panel, fireproof material for building a house.


Induction Stove